History of the World’s First Road Trip

August 23rd, 2018 by

When was the first road trip in an automobile?

If you’ve ever planned a long road trip, you probably know there’s a lot to think about before you make the trip. Imagine having to make preparations for a road trip in a car before anyone else had ever done it! That’s what Bertha Benz had to do when she embarked on the first-ever road trip in an automobile.

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Back in 1886, Karl Benz had successfully invented the world’s first combustion engine. Because of this, he is widely credited for inventing the automobile. Since it was the first of its kind, though, he needed to prove to the world that it worked. His wife, Bertha Benz, who always cheered him on and supported his efforts, decided to help out by taking the automobile on a road trip from Mannheim to Pforzheim in early August of 1888. Without telling her husband, she left with their two sons. They experienced a few difficulties with driving uphill (the vehicle only had 2.5 horsepower at the time) and braking, but Bertha was intelligent and found ways to fix the problems they encountered. When all was said and done, the journey lasted 180 kilometers (about 112 miles).

Bertha Benz proved not only to her husband but to the world that the automobile could be a reliable form of transportation. Because of her efforts, more people became comfortable with the idea and began work to improve it even more to what we have today. For more information on the history of Mercedes-Benz, get in touch with the team here at Mercedes-Benz of South Mississippi!