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New Mercedes-Benz for Sale in D'Iberville

Whether you’re dreaming of a Mercedes-Benz SUV hybrid, or you prefer a brand-new model, you can make a lavish upgrade at Mercedes-Benz of South Mississippi. Selecting a new Mercedes-Benz for sale near Hattiesburg is a great way to add luxury to every commute. When you’re ready to leave the mundane squarely in your rearview mirror, upgrade to a new Mercedes-Benz near Biloxi, MS. But first, read on with our expert team to learn more!

Why Buy a Mercedes-Benz Near Biloxi, MS?

It’s no secret that the lineup of new Mercedes-Benz models for sale in D'Iberville offers some of the most sought-after vehicles on the road today. Whether you want a sleek roadster for your weekend jaunts or a spacious SUV for your growing Gulfport family, you can find a suitable option in the latest Mercedes-Benz lineup. Why buy a new Mercedes-Benz for sale near Hattiesburg? Here are a few highlights:

  • Deluxe interior finishes
  • Wireless smartphone integration
  • Advanced safety specs
  • SUVs, wagons, sedans, coupes, convertibles, and roadsters
  • Bold exterior colors
  • Ergonomic controls
  • AI-powered voice control software
  • Thrilling performance specs
  • And so much more!

Find Your Luxurious Dream Ride at Mercedes-Benz of South Mississippi!

Now that you know that a new Mercedes-Benz for sale near Hattiesburg is the perfect vehicle to match your wishlist, you can find your ideal fit when you visit Mercedes-Benz of South Mississippi. Whether you’re interested in future Mercedes-Benz SUV hybrid options or prefer the Mercedes-Benz: All-Electric EQB SUV, you can find the right Mercedes-Benz near Biloxi, MS, when you shop with us. If you’ve got a full calendar, it may be difficult to find the time to stop in-store. If that’s the case, you can utilize our online shopping suite to enjoy a convenient car-buying experience:

Whatever model you’re considering, we’ll help you cherry-pick the very best option for your tastes. Then, our financiers will help you navigate our leasing and financing packages with full transparency. And after you drive off our lot and make your way home to Biloxi, our mechanics will ensure your vehicle lasts as long as possible at optimum performance and maximize its resale value. Don’t deny yourself any longer. Make the wise decision and switch to a stunning new Mercedes-Benz for sale in D'Iberville today!

Mercedes-Benz FAQs

Q: Which Mercedes Models Have Run-Flat Tires? 

A: Before purchasing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you might ask, “Which Mercedes models have run-flat tires?” or “Do all Mercedes have run-flat tires?” Also known as extended mobility tires, run-flat tires allow you to drive in Hattiesburg, Biloxi, and the surrounding areas when tire pressure is low. Numerous Mercedes-Benz vehicles feature run-flat tires, including:

  • Mercedes-Benz GLA
  • Mercedes-Benz GLB
  • Mercedes-Benz GLC
  • Mercedes GLC Coupe
  • Mercedes A-Class Sedan
  • Mercedes E-Class Sedan
  • Mercedes S-Class Sedan
  • Mercedes CLA Coupe
  • Mercedes C-Class Coupe
  • Mercedes E-Class Coupe
  • Mercedes CLS Sedan
  • Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet
  • Mercedes E-Class Carbriolet

Whether your MB run-flat tires sustain punctures from nails or other sharp debris or are simply low on air, you can continue driving minus the severe stress. However, you should not drive over 50 miles an hour to stay safe on roads in Gulfport and elsewhere. Run-flat tires generally last 25 to 200 miles.

Q: Which Mercedes Models Have AWD 4MATIC®?

A: Wondering which vehicles feature Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC® AWD ? The A-Class Sedan, CLA, C-Class Sedan, E-Class Sedan, S-Class, CLS, GLA, GLC, GLE SUV, and GLS SUV all feature 4MATIC® All-wheel Drive (AWD 4MATIC®). This AWD 4MATIC® feature for Mercedes does much more than ensure all four of your tires are working hard on roads in Biloxi and the surrounding areas. Mercedes AWD 4MATIC® also includes advanced features that positively affect each wheel in light of changing weather/road conditions. Whether you’re on a slick road after a recent rainstorm, dealing with hydroplaning issues, or anything else that calls for tire adjustments, you can count on 4MATIC® All-wheel Drive to help you navigate.

If you want to test drive any of our AWD 4MATIC® Mercedes vehicles in D'Iberville, let us know today and we will happily accommodate you!

Q: Which Mercedes Models Have Third-Row Seating? 

A: Curious about which Mercedes has 3 rows, aka which Mercedes has 7 seats? Mercedes-Benz models with third-row seating include the GLS, GLB, and GLE. The Mercedes-Benz GLS comes with 7 seats as standard and 6 available, while the GLB features 5 standard seats and 7 available. The GLE also comes with 5 standard seats and 7 available. Their other dimensions vary slightly:


  • Headroom (1st row): 39.4 inches
  • Legroom (1st row): 40.3 inches
  • Shoulder Room (1st row): 59.3 inches
  • Headroom (2nd row): 40.2 inches
  • Legroom (2nd row): 41.9 inches
  • Shoulder Room (2nd row): Info N/A
  • Legroom (3rd row): 34.6 inches
  • Cargo Volume: 17.4-84.7 cubic feet


  • Headroom (1st row): 40.7 inches
  • Legroom (1st row): 41.1 inches
  • Shoulder Room (1st row): 55.9 inches
  • Headroom (2nd row): 39.3 inches
  • Legroom (2nd row): 38.1 inches
  • Shoulder room (2nd row): 54.9 inches
  • Headroom (3rd row): 34.8 inches
  • Legroom (3rd row): 29.1 inches
  • Shoulder Room (3rd row): 43.8 inches
  • Cargo Volume: 22.0-62.0 cubic feet


  • Headroom (1st row): 40.5 inches
  • Legroom (1st row): 40.3 inches
  • Shoulder Room (1st row): 59.3 inches
  • Headroom (2nd row): 36.9 inches
  • Legroom (2nd row): 40.9 inches
  • Shoulder Room (2nd row): 58.3 inches
  • Cargo Volume: 33.3-74.9 cubic feet

If you have any questions about these Mercedes with 3 rows, just ask!


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