Need for Speed?

August 15th, 2018 by

Are there any roads without a speed limit in the United States?

Do you enjoy topping your car out to see how fast it can go? That need for speed is often felt by drivers everywhere, but speed limits (and of course safety measures) often prevent people from doing that, which is good. While some roads in the world, such as the Autobahn in Germany, do not have a speed limit, most roads do. Are there any roads without a speed limit in the United States? Find out here!

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If you have a need for speed, you might want to check out a piece of road in Texas that stretches out over about 40 miles between Austin and San Antonio. This is where the fastest speed limit in the United States is. Listed at 85 mph, drivers can test the durability of their vehicles at a speed that is illegal in all other parts of the country. While there is no road in the country that has no speed limit, there are a few other states that have an 80 mph speed limit. These are Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and South Dakota.

Since the United States lifted the 55 mph speed limit cap in 1995, 35 states have issued a maximum speed limit of 70 mph. This has allowed drivers to get where they need to go faster without worrying about legal repercussions. While it may be tempting, we don’t encourage anyone to drive faster than the speed limit posted on whatever road they’re traveling on. For more interesting information, check out some tips and tricks on our blog!

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